Baker’s Brew – ready to take the stage at The Main theater in Santa Clarita. Baker’s Brew is an experimental ambient jazz quartet based in Los Angeles, California. The group is led by drummer Maury Baker whose performing/recording credits include Janis Joplin, Tim Buckley, Frank Zappa and many many others. Jim Goetsch does double duty on keyboards and soprano sax. Daniel Coffeng transcends all musical genres on guitar. Carl Royce on contrabass and electronics.

I took Gary Peacock out on a quest for a flat-back bass and we ran into the great Putter Smith at Stein on Vine. We also stopped in at L.A. Bassworks.

Drummer Breeze Smith

Drummer/percussionist Breeze Smith. It is my great pleasure to create with Breeze in the alt-jazz trio DBC:Unit.

Electric Violinist David Strother

Iconic electric violinist and composer David Strother represents at least one-third of the alt-jazz trio DBC:Unit.

Drummer Stephen Foster on the left and the late jazz guitarist EdWing Sankey on the right.

Creative space.

Funky ol' Reunion Blues gig bag.

My funky ol’ gig bag – purchased in NYC back in the early 80’s. Black Sadowski Strat inside.


Alien-Trump Cartoon.

Not funny.

Contrabassist Draylen Mason.

May 26, 2000 – March 12, 2018 Austin, Texas.

Some thoughts and observations:

I didn’t want the bunny to catch on fire.

Children are the future.

10,000 hours to mastery.