The tracks on this page are contrabass specific. But I also have a Soundcloud page that features my songwriting in both English and Spanish along with my vocals, bass playing, and some fancy guitar-work. Carl Royce Songs. You can check out a sample playlist at the bottom of this page.

With Baker’s Brew – contrabass and electronics.

Improvisations and Collaborations

Percussion & Contrabass #146

by Jeff Myers and Carl Royce | Improvisation

Soundtracks – composition, production, and all instruments.

Charles the 1st – composition, production, and programming.

Sketch 18

by Charles the 1st | Sketches for Millie

Sketch 45

by Charles the 1st | Sketches for Millie

A selection of my self-produced songs in English and in Spanish. There are credits and comments on the SoundCloud page.